Welcome to PREP

St. Helena’s Religious Education Program (PREP) provides religious education for parish children who do not attend St. Helena School. The program runs from September to May every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. As catechists, parents, and students at PREP, we celebrate, learn, and share one faith in God. Retreats, special projects, and socials add an exciting and practical experience for our students. Through PREP, children in the second grade receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. After preparing for Confirmation in level six, children will receive the Sacrament in level seven. Working together, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we witness to the gospel and its command to “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15).

Goals of Religious Education:

  • To support, complement, and reinforce the family as the primary community in which faith is developed.
  • To promote catechesis and faith enrichment through parent sacrament preparation classes.
  • To provide opportunities for on-going faith development for children and youth.
  • To provide a well-balanced curriculum that involves both content and experience.
  • To offer experience of prayer, in many different forms, in and outside the classroom setting.
  • To offer retreats and other experiences of intensive prayer and fellowship in a group setting.
  • To offer outreach to the community in the form of class service projects.
  • To assist in creating parish liturgies that inspire, teach, and lead children and youth to meaningful worship.
  • To improve the competence of the catechetical faculty and staff.
  • To provide opportunities for faculty and staff for catechetical education and enrichment.
  • To meet the resource needs of our faculty and staff.